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Self Honoring

For a long time I heard people talk about self love and how they take themselves to salons and spas. I thought for me myself love was hanging out with my family and doing readings and mentor ships so forth and so on. What I realized was I was never honoring myself I was always honoring others. Yes I love my family and Clients and what I do I was not doing anything for me and it took a phone call from a friend to help me see that I had no idea how to love and honor myself what made me happy.I had to dive deep in myself and as I did i realized for me self love is not about anointing the body but honoring the light within. So I had to release thous thoughts of what I was told self care was what self love was and start practicing what honored me which is going on mini hikes through forests and going zip lining and watching anime just to name a few. I believe the most important thing to remember about self-love is it is individual to you no one can tell you what to do or how to do it it is something we have to find for ourselves. Can you take inspiration from other of course however it is what makes you happy what honors your inner light that is the practice of self-Love to me

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