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Give yourself Compassion not EXCUESE

Give yourself Compassion, not EXCUSE!

We want to be quick to offer ourselves compassion however a good majority of the time we are quick to offer ourselves excuses, like well they just don't understand or Well if I had more time or If this person or situation was different then I could be happy or succeed or they would understand. We frequently would rather excuse ourselves than offer ourselves compassion. There can be a variety of different reasons why we don't offer ourselves compassion however what it boils down to is we don't think we are worthy of it in one way shape form or another. When we offer ourselves compassion we are offering ourselves a permission slip out of guilt, this does not mean we do not take action to rectify a mistake. It does not mean that we are condoning our behavior, instead, we are acknowledging where we were out of alignment with love with our essence and saying ok I see I was not acting with love or seeing with love I can now act from love as I was able to give it to myself at this moment. Love keeps no record of wrongs or guilt, but the ego does and the ego will constantly project its guilt conscious or unconscious out into the world to get rid of it and one of its main ways of doing that is with excuses. It would much rather you keep the guilt than forgive it because now it has something to work with it can not work with love for love is what it is railing against constantly. This means that we need to start with awareness we need to start being aware of whether are we offering ourselves an excuse to project the guilt or are we offering ourselves compassion to be free of it. 

We can start this awareness by asking ourselves these questions: 

What would I say to a friend I really love and care about in this current situation?

What thoughts are stopping me from being kind to myself?

What standards am I holding myself or others to? 

Am I willing to be accountable?


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