Ron has extensive experience  in the following discplines:

 Akashic Readings 


An Akashic Reading is a Detailed Reading that allows me to enter into your records and receive a perception from spirit to help you create a life of ease, grace, and flow. I am given tools and techniques to help you to start creating the life you always knew you could have.

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I offer a variety of group and individual course to assist you in opening up to your own guidance. Helping you to learn how spirit speaks to you. 

Miracle Mindset

My mentorship is about helping you where you are in your life and helping you to change the thoughts and patterns that have lead you there. We use a variety of different tools to help you such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techquince) or (Tapping) Guided channeled Meditation designed for you, As well as the Zero point techniques to get to the key cause of your issue. All the principles I teach are based on the A Course In Miracles, these principles if practiced can and do change your life I am living proof of that.  If you are feeling called to work with me please feel free to Email me at with the title being Mentorship. I look Forward to hearing from you

Live ACIM Coaching


A Miracle perception is a weekly video you receive on Monday. This unlisted YouTube video is your personal perception for the week with person cards, tools, and messages from spirit for you during the week. This will be emailed to you or can be sent through facebook messenger if you would like that we do need to be friends on facebook for that to occur.


In a live ACIM Coaching session, we focus on one area of your life you are struggling in. Within the session, we discuss different ACIM and Spiritual principles and tools that can be used to assist you in shifting the situation. Within a session, we may use EFT, Meditatio, oracle cards, or other tools to give us guidance on this specific situation. 

We do not handle legal or medical concerns.