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The sunrise

Blog post the sunrise:

Hello everyone and welcome to the blog for today. The picture that is the thumbnail for this post will I took on Sunday morning at 8 AM. I was so happy and grateful to see the sunrise. It was beautiful It invoked in me that feeling of gratitude that feeling of awe and beauty and it also inspired this blog post.

The first thing that this sunrise reminded me was how life is always unfolding for my benefit, this morning I was woken up by a phone call from my mom telling me that I was gonna have to go pick up the groceries because she was stuck at work until 4 o’clock this afternoon and that I was also going to have to go drop off some groceries to my sister down at her college only 20min away, I had a choice I could moan and groan about having to get up and go walk the dog an hour earlier than normal and then come back home drop off the groceries walk him again and then go take the groceries to my sister come back home walk the dog again and then attempt to get my posts together for Monday before I had to go pick up my dad from work , or I could just go and do it and choose happiness and gratitude and so that is what I did I chose happiness.

I chose gratitude, for having the ability to get up, having the ability to drive to the grocery store, having the ability to walk or move my body. Then, as I began to walk, an obstacle seemed to come in my way of another person, walking their two dogs along the same path, which is quite small, however, that person and their two dogs actually led me to the exact space I needed to be in in order to see the sunrise the way that it did so I could have nothing but gratitude for them. My ego would’ve said that they are blocking my path, and that my plan was ruined, but spirit in the background always willing to guide me showed me the beauty of that event.

The second thing that this sunrise reminded me was about gratitude and surrender. I was grateful to see the sunrise, but I am not grateful for the sunrise because for me what the sunrise represented was the beauty that exists already in my mind it was reflected to the outside world, so I’m grateful for the beauty that I saw I’m grateful for the recognition that there is beauty to be witnessed , but the moment that I start to become grateful for the sunrise, the event itself then I cannot surrender it, you may be asking yourself why can’t you surrender the sunrise and I think Michael Singer, also known as Mickey author of the untethered soul says it best and what he describes it is consider you go to a butterfly garden and the rarest most beautiful butterfly lands directly on your finger and you are just so happy grateful excited feeling that sense of specialness and so you try to keep that feeling by trying to re-create the event so let’s say you are feeling a little bit down you go back to the butterfly garden and you try to make the rarest most beautiful butterfly come to you again but it doesn’t another butterfly comes and lands on your finger but it’s not the one and this is the egos trap, the ego says it’s not the rarest it’s not the most special it’s not this it’s not that the conditions are not met and so I cannot be happy, so what do we try to do?

We then try to wear the exact same perfume, where the exact thing close and trying to re-create the exact conditions in which the first event happen there’s never going to be another event like that and we have to be willing to acknowledge and surrender, knowing that there will never be an exact event like that, but more events that will bring us happiness and joy are readily available at all times, but we have to be willing to surrender the experience and not try to re-create it but instead be happy and grateful for it in the moment and then let it go instead of trying to hold onto it and its conditions in order to re-create it you can’t it was a moment that moment has passed, and you cannot re-create that exact moment. We don’t want to see that from a place of lack and scarcity but instead just from that place of surrender surrendering, so that we can have more moments To be grateful for you, can't be in gratitude and hold onto the past, This is what the sunrise reminded me of, so my invitation to you is to be grateful for each moment, for it is a precious precious gift be grateful for it enjoy it and release it knowing full and well that you’re merely opening yourself up to even more. As I typed these last words, a tear of joy is filling my eyes, because a beautiful white feather just wafted in front of my face. I am so happy and grateful.

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