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We all do not seek enough guidance. We are always trying to figure everything out ourselves always trying to come up with a solution however a majority of our solutions are from a past point of view. This does not mean we are stupid at all it just means we don't know and it is ok that we do not know. 


This Course is designed to be live it we will be connecting on the free app called Zoom. We will be meeting every week for 8 weeks


The first 4 weeks is about building a firm foundation helping you to undo all the old programming we have about guidance and how we can receive it.


The second 4 week is about building your confidence in receiving guidance by working with a partner.


This course is a passion of mine because I would love to help you tune into your guidance system.



Miracle Minded Workshop

Miracle Mindedness is our natural state, Life is meant to be easy and effortless not a constant struggle.  The Miracle Mind workshop is filled with tools and techniques to help you achieve a more miracle minded state where life starts to flow more effortlessly.

This workshop is broken into 10 weeks each week we will have a discussion on the topic which includes a Question and Answer session, as well as homework to help you in retaining what we have talked about.

This will be done over Zoom and each session will be recorded and sent out for each participant.


This workshop can be done in a group or individually.  

Bonuses you receive with this course:

1. Two one on one Zoom Calls.

2. Access to all recording forever.


3. Personal blocks to happiness reading. This reading is done live over zoom and will be recorded for your convenience 


Forgiveness is a powerful tool that not many of us utilize to its full potential, once we start on the road of forgiveness things begin to change but we have to utilize it for it to work!  we create our reality with our mindset our minds can create either prisons or places it all depends on you!


 In this two-day intensive program, I am going to help you to start to forgive so that you can move on from the past and suffering and move into the Present and Miracles! 


This intensive will be done with the app called Zoom which is free to download the session will also be recorded so you can have it for later use if and when needed. You do not need to have a laptop or computer the beauty of zoom is you can do it from your phone. You can call in or show up on camera it is all your choice.



Day 1: 2-3hr call. We start the base work getting you familiar with the terms and a new perception of them.


We are going to be talking about what forgiveness really is? 


 What is atonement? Why is it important to forgiveness 


10min break


Why is it so hard to forgive yourself?


10min break



live Q&A




Day 2: 2-3hr call  Day two is when the inner work begins 



EFT Tapping Round- EFT stands for (Emotional Freedom Techquince) we are going to use this tool to help us bring up the unforgiveness and start to release it. 


Anglic Toning 


Move to a guided visualization/ Meditation 


10 min break 


Live Q&A

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