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Learning to Respond not React.

For thous who are interested in my Higher communication course: this is a four module class based on the spiritual principles of a course in miracles to assist you in bringing down your higher self into your every day conversations. And really teaching you how to listen not react this course helps you to learn to respond instead of reactWeek three is techniques tools and tips on how to access your higher self and bring it into

Week two is a healing meditation and practice. 

Week one is foundational work where we discuss which You is present in a conversation when you begin to feel triggered and why is that then you will have a homework

in conversation
.your everyday
conversations so that way you are listening with love and responding with it as well. 

Week number for tips tools and techniques on what to do when you feel triggered in a conversation


Finding Your True Desire

This course is designed to help you find your desire instead of always chasing your wants.


The course is broken into 3 different modules 


Monduek 1 is the foundation work were we talk about what a want is 


Module 2 is when we talk about what a desire is as well as start the process of determining your desire


Module 3 is where I walk you through the exercise to find your desire 

Money Mindset

Money Mindset is a 3 Module Course to help you get to rid yourself of the old limited story you have about money and help you build a new one. Not only to help you build a new one but give you techniques to help you stay in this new mindset.

Week one we look at your old beliefs about money positive or negative.

Week two This week forgive ourselves and begin again starting with a fresh new mindset about money.

Week three This week we work on different ways to keep yourself in the new money mindset. We also talk about what part of your mind may come up and try to get you to come back to the old mindset.

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