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Be Willing to Be Silly

I want to start this blog with a question that I want you to ask yourself and be honest with yourself when you answer it, the question is have you been silly today? Have you told a joke, laughed, smiled, or made a funny face? If not why?

When we think that we have to be serious all the time that somehow being serious makes us more mature, how is that working out for you? Are you happy, are you enjoying life or just existing in it? The more serious we take ourselves and live the less happiness and joy we allow into our lives the less fun. Life is meant to be enjoyable. We may have a belief that if we are not working or doing we are somehow less worthy of love or if we are not doing something all the time we are worthless. You are not a human- doing you are a human begin and sometimes that means taking a break from seriousness and being a little silly. In ACIM there is a section where the divine says laugh with me and this problem will disappear, why will it disappear because we are letting go of the power it holds over us by laughing we are letting go of the need to know what to do and how to do it. Now this does not mean that you do take any action it does mean that before you take action you let go of the fear by laughing, why are you laughing it shifts your energy and vibration, and from there your thoughts and from there the action that you might take.

if you want to email me your silly fashion here is where you can do that I would love to see your silliness if you want to share.

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