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Celebrate every day like it's your birthday

We as a culture don't always celebrate every day we only celebrate special occasions. Such as the birth of a child, graduation, birthdays, etc..... but what if we started to celebrate every day like it was our birthday like we treated every day is a special occasion. I think that we should start to try to do so to treat every day like it's your birthday treat every day as a special day because really it is. 

If you look at the yogis the spiritual teachers of our time yes they are very passionate about what they speak to and about but they are also happy there joyful as they teach. It's because that they understand that as you grow spiritually you begin to understand that happiness is what spirit really wants from us it's just to be happy and it gives us opportunities to be happy all the time but once again we as a society say no we can always celebrate and be happy on special occasions we can always celebrate on special occasions but what I want to bring forth here is that every day is a special occasion every day that you wake up every day that you open your eyes every day you take a breath is this celebration. So let's begin today Monday by celebrate instead of dreading or morning or complaining let's celebrate the day not just today but every day. 

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