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The Most Important Relationship!!!!!

We have so many relationships in our lives. We have ones with family,friends,co-workers,romantic and the list goes on and on,however there is one relationship that a lot of people tend to forget about tend that is the relationship that matters the most the relationship with YOURSELF. This relationship will determine how your other relationship will go. It is how well you treat yourself and that is how well other will treat you, you have to show people how you want to be treated in your own self loving actions towards yourself. You have to give to yourself and nurture yourself before anyone else can you have to be able to receive from yourself before you can receive from others. This can be hard because then we feel like we are begin selfish or condensed but that is not the case that is just how society has conditioned us to think but it is time to break that. Something i have come to do to show myself i care is one i am eating healthier now by no means does that mean i have stopped have sweet treats because i have not but what it does mean is i give myself better foods to put in my body like fruits and vegetables. Another thing that i do to show myself i care is to take a nice relaxing bath from time to to and add some nice Epsom salts and a nice sent like a scented candle. The other thing i do to show myself i care which was really hard to do was to take myself out on a self love date. What is that you ask well that is were you take yourself out to a restaurant you like or a park or an activity and you go all by yourself and enjoy your time.This was so hard for me because as a society going out is supposed to be a group thing or a couples thing but that is the mind set that has to change begin by yourself is ok and it actually shows what a strong person you are in going out by yourself you get to know you and be with you so you can start to see what you like and you do not have to compromise with anyone it is all about you because there is only you.If for one second you could just enjoy your own company you would see how much better you deserved in life my loves i want to just say self love is hard self love is a journey but you are strong enough to go through it and come out the other side all it takes is one step one tiny step even if that step is to wake up and tell yourself good morning beautiful or to do what i do and look at yourself in the mirror just look and say i love you or i love myself and i love my body. In these tiny tools you will find great strength and become strong and more confident.

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