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The Storms Of Life.

There are storms we go through in our lives, these storms sometimes seem to come out of nowhere, or other times they have built up over time. Either way, that situation seems to be so dark and so deep that there is no light that can seemingly penetrate it. We can of course turn away from the storm and hide away or we can stand and look at the storm and see what it really is, a time for healing a time for growth. The storm is merely coming forward because we have called it, we have summed it to look at it we have hidden it in the dark for so long that we have forgotten what little fear or belief(s) it was. This thought or belief has become unknown to us and anything unknown is fearful because we don't know what it means. A lot of us would like to say God is testing us but in the way I have come to look at the divine, it does not test the divine loves and nothing more. The storm comes because the little self we think we are the ego is trying to keep us in the dark because we are starting to reach for more of the light. The ego has NO power, only the power we give it and so it must use an illusion such as a terrible ominous storm to keep us believing in it, and fearing it when in fact we have nothing to fear from it. We have nothing to fear because we have a light to shine away from the shadows and illusions if we are willing to look at it with the light The light we have is called awareness. Consider when you are in a dark room and shadows are everywhere and you are scared, you turn on the light and all the shadows disappear and you see that there is nothing there. We can do the same thing with the storms of life. The only difference is the light is not on the wall but within our minds. We must be willing to look at these storms differently no matter how they may look. One way to start is to ask how would my source see this? What this does is elevates your mind to look at the situation from a higher viewpoint it invites you to see it objectively instead of subjectively. Another way of looking at it differently is asking this What must I believe in order for this to be happening? This is an invitation to start looking at the beliefs behind what you are seeing and in doing so you can begin to practice forgiveness which will start to shift things around because you are looking at the cause which is the thought, not the effect which is the storm.


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