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Don't Make A Deal With God

Don't Make A Deal With God.

This morning, as I was walking this title, came to Don't Make A Deal With God, I thought it was interesting for sure and asked for more information. When I did this was what I heard, we have all tried this before to make a deal with God/Source if you do this for me I will do this for you. When we make a deal with God/Source we are attempting to bring lack, scarcity,sacrfice to that which is abundant in all ways and shares all with all, you make a deal with God/Source is trying to tell someone that the sky is not blue but instead on fore and full not of clouds but floating rocks, they are diametrically opposed to one another by no means does this mean that God/Source does not hear you because it does and it will answer you. However God/Source does not understand lack or scarcity or sacrifice because it did not create them we made these concepts our divine source only knows us as it created us which is whole, pure, perfect, provided for, and protected. We also are stopping God/Source from helping us because we are attempting a prayer of supplication angina all prayer is sacred and God/Source hears each one but what if there was a better way to talk with God that not only was able to express how we felt about a situation but also gave God/Source room to work in our lives? The way I have learned to talk to God/Source in order to give it room to work in my life on my behalf but still acknowledge and honor what I am seeing and the feeling got put into practice back in 2018 we were not in the best finical position at that time and my mom had just gone into surgery for her heart the only car we had, had broken down 2 days before the surgery we did get a rental so she could get there and both my dad and myself could get to work, the surgery went ok except for about 2min my mom's heart just stopped and they had to reviver her and when we came to visit her she had a bag coming from her chest with blood in it. She did get discharged and the tube was taken out however we now had to figure out the rental car and get a new car. My mom only days after getting out of the hospital went to the dealership since me and my dad had to work and get us a new car, She was successful and picked me up in the new car from work I remember sitting in it and saying why is it shaking my mom said it is not, we then started driving home and 10min down the road the car died and when I say died I mean no power no nothing just dead. Thank God that we were a quick walk away from the people I babysat for and they let me borrow their car to go get my mom and head over to the dealership, when we got there they were closed so nothing we could do thank God for the people I babysat for because I told them what was going on and they let me keep the car for one more day. I had dropped off my mom and was on my way to pick up my dad from work and I was pissed and I started raging at God telling God how dare he let this happen how dare he makes us go through this how dare he how dare he then I stared making a deal and saying if you get us a car and this and that then I will do this or that then I went to No I am not asking I am telling you that is what you will do, in my fit of rage I did not see the light turn red and was almost hit by another car, I pulled over and just started to cry this was all too much how was I supposed to fix all this. Then I remember something I had learned from A Course in Miracles reinforced by Robin Ducan. So I started this is a rough remembering of what I said:

Dear God, I am terrified right now I have no F@#$ing clue what to do or how to do it I feel so alone and afraid I feel like you don't care about me or even F&*()ing hear me I am so mad at this situation I blame the dealership for coning my mom into buying this POS car and I blame you for my financial situation, I am learning that it is not up to me to know what to do or even how my job is to sit and listen, I am learning that your will is for my happiness and completion, I am learning that when I place blame or guilt on anyone I am blocking my own miracles and your voice, Dear God, I am willing to hand this whole situation over to you so that you may take it from me and heal it for me I don't know what to do or how but with you guiding me I am assured a happy outcome.

The next day my sister and I went to the dealership and told them what happened they tried to deny it and you bet I wanted to judge but I stood firm and said God decided about this for me and my sister then went to bat and needless to say I will never ever get on my sister bad side because not only did we get a new car but they paid for the rental and we got a years service package free. The reason I tell you this story is not to say look how great I am or look how favored by God I am but instead to illustrate that this is a different way of speaking with God that is better than trying to make a deal with him or trying to bring an ego to something that has none.

So how can we speak to God?

Step 1: Tell God how you are feeling be specific and as intense as you would like.

Step 2: Turn the table so in my case I said I am learning because t that time I was just getting into the course however you can say I understand or I acknowledge or whatever terms work for you.

Step 3: Ask for the miracle ask for the correction don't state it just allow yourself to recognize you don't have the answer but there is something within you that does and it will give it to you not in the way you want but in the way that will be of best benefit.

Step 4: surrender which just means do your best to be in the moment and allow the divine to guide you on your way, like I did you can take a step if it feels peaceful and compelling


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