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Be the love you are.

We are the infinite love of the creator pure and perfect.However what tends to happen is that we cover over that love we are with walls and masks and titles and roles. We think we need the roles and titles to protect our love, nothing could be father from the truth all jo is things do is Obscure the truth. You don’t need to protect the love you are instead be willing to share it. Begin love has such a stigma around it that is means your weak or become an idiot or even that you become diluted to reality. Thous thing happen when we are trying to hide out love still. When you embody the love you are you are joyful,magical, magnetic, peaceful and aligned. The only work you need to do to truly have a life that is beautiful and joyful is be willing to look at all the roles and labels, titles you use to stop you from sharing who you are. When we start this it seems uncomfortable and the only reason that is, is because we have become so identified with that title or role we think it IS WHO WE ARE. This does not mean you can’t be a mom,dad,brother,sister,professional it just means you stop trying to be what you think it should look like and let the love you are do it through you instead of you trying to make it look a certain way.

Today be willing to look at your roles and titles and ask yourself where am I willing to start releasing?

Where am I willing to stop trying to be perfect?

Where am I willing to start begin authentic?

Where in my life am I not being authentic?

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