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Tools The Ego Understands

The Ego sees things in a very different way than the Spirit does it is bound to the laws of this world because it created it so I want to offer you a tool to help you with your Ego in terms it can understand today I will be giving you some templates for contracts you can write for you and your Ego. This is only to help with the Ego tendencies it will not get rid of your Ego or stop it all together but it can be a reminder to you always When you read it what you are striving for.

Contract 1 Forgiveness

I the party of the first ___(your name)____________ here by state I am willing to see this person_____ or _ situation_____ differently I no longer wish to see it through the eyes of the party of the second (Ego) I hereby rescind the the parties of the seconds ability to put its own evidence before that which is divine truth of what I see which is one with me. I am willing to forgive and give all of this to the Divine for healing. The party of the second has no right or power to stop that in anyway shape or form.The EGO has No Power in this.


X ___________________________

Contract 2 Judgment

I the party of the first _______________ hereby suspend my EGO’s judgment of this world and the people I see or come in contact with I the party of the first__________ no longer wish to have the my EGO rob me of my peace any longer when I the party of the first ___________ look upon a Person or situation I will engage my Higher Mind instead of my EGO I am determined to see thing differently I am determined to see what my EGO is trying to make me see what is outside of me as the trick it is for all things are within. Whenever I judge another I am just Judging and hurting myself and I no longer wish to hurt myself



Contract 3

I the party of the first___________ have a choice in Which voice I listen to I have given a lot of attention to the second party EGO and very little to the Third party Spirit. I am now giving over all rights to the Party of the third Spirit in giving this power of choice and perception to Spirit I do this of my own free will and with coercion from any outside source. In giving myself to Spirit I am assured of a peaceful and happy life that will work. The Second party is now dismissed of all of its duties and station. I the party of the first am willing and determined to see with Spirit from now on if Ego does come up I will will remind it of this contract and that I want peace not Chaos




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