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This eclipse like all eclipses is a gateway a pathway if you will to new beginnings and endings. I know for myself this has been very intense, lots of energy's coming up for me to deal with. I know a lot of people I had this, especially here in the US with all of the different riot and marches happening but this is not a time to go into fear this is not a time to hide this is the time for you to open your heart and to shine to realize that all that we see is nothing more than an illusion I know that's hard to grasp because everything seems so real but it's nothing more than our own darkness coming up and we must recognize that. Robin Duncan a teacher at a course in miracles says that we are to look at darkness and say this is my belief in blank God did not create blank and I asked to see the truth instead of this so that way we are recognizing the Illusion. Also Within this eclipse we have such a wonderful opportunity to reclaim who we really are at the most fundamental level. And who we aren't is the divine child of spirit or not so let us clean that today during this beautiful eclipse. What I have here is a drop box file of a meditation that I came up with it is calling you have to do is download the app Dropbox which is completely free.

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