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Uninstalling judgement.

Willam Shakespeare said "A Rose by any other name would still smell as sweet." He also said "If you prick me do I not bleed" both. Sry famous lines from his plays and. Oth are about judgement. In our society we are very much preprogrammed to judge another by society and we desperately need to change that. However that goodness judgement is not who we are judge meant is a program we can uninstall. How? The first step is remember who you truly are a divine child a beging of pure love and light  If that is what you are you do not judge because you remember that if you are love and light  do you think love judges do you think light judges no it does not and. However that other part of is the ego does and we have to remember we are not an ego we are not a body that is not who we truly are  step two of the process is realizing we are all one we are all connected to one another because we are all from the same source then everyone else is to which is part to the unistallment of judgement remember you are one with everyone yes evereryone so if you are judging a other person you are also judgeing yourself  step three is forgive yourself for any judgements you have made against yourself or others. step four of the uninstall process is to accept what is accept were people are on there journey. The best way I find to do that is remember a time when you were down on your luck but someone helped you any way or just accepted to for were you were at that moment. 

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