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Underlining Calm

While at the beach yesterday I brought a notebook. Evacuee I felt as if I would be inspired and oh boy I was inspired. As I looked out at the ocean these jest skis went by disturbing the still tranquity of the water then this thought came to me. Even thou on the surface the water may seem rough underneath it is calm that is the same with our lives all to often we are set on seeing the chaos of a situation and we get caught in that drama not recognizing that underneath the situation it is calm we go with the ego fear instead of the spirit calm. 

And since we got with the ego we start to thrash around making the water even more rough for us when we could lay back and float and allow the rough surface to subside and allow us to flow back to the inner calm that lies within us. The ocean just like life is neith good or bad it just is it is our prespetion of it that gives it a quality. So my queastion to all of you is what will you choose the ego and thrashing away in the waves fighting against a force much larger than yourself or will you choose Spirit and flow calmly it is always your chose your perception. 

This was the trail to the beach omg it was stunning it was like walking into a rain forest 

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