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The prison made of smoke A channeled message

My Beloved one you are the one who has imprisoned yourself you perceive the prison as made of iron and stone. However, my darling nothing could be farther from the truth it is made with nothing more than a cloud of smoke and mirrors illusion. No one can in prison you only you can think you can imprison yourself, free yourself now and realize that the key is around your neck. This is not a physical key this is the key of love this key leads you to your sovereignty and truth. My dear if you would only realize the bars of your prison are nothing at all but smoke. We must begin to understand that your fearful thoughts are the bars you have made and if you wish to free yourself from this prison that you have made you must be willing to look at them and blow them away, look at them to see they have no power they only have power if you continue not to look at them. When you choose not to look at your fear you are telling yourself it has power. Dear one choose differently today free yourself today. Be willing to look at what is fearful and realize it has no power Change your thoughts if you feel the fear is too much for you beloved lean on my certainty that you are love and so loved that you are free that you are the light that casts out all darkness. Do this for when you do, you shall see that your present transforms into heaven. For you have chosen love over fear you have chosen truth over illusion you have chosen to be free.

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