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The two voices

Today I wanted to talk about The ego don't really have an honest conversation about it. Now I can only tell you what my perception of the ego is and that's it. My perception of the ego is that when we come in we are nothing but blank slates and we are programmed if you will to survive so we adopt the beliefs of our parents our society and our surroundings for the first several years of our life. Within that time we at any given moment are processing about 20,000 TB of knowledge but we don't have a filter and we're not able to say yes I like that no why don't we simply a dumped it and that's it. It's not till about five or six that the self talk starts and that is our ego now of course our ego is going to make us think that we have to only trust in it that it is our only guide and that it is the only thing that can keep us safe at any given time and since we are such an ego driven society that that believe is solidified in our minds. We don't realize that there is another voice within our mind that could also guide us and lead us that is the voice of the spirit but since we are such an ego driven society the ego always speaks first and always speaks loud us and so we hardly pay attention to that small still voice that speaks to us and tells us that we are loved that we are OK. We decided instead to listen to the voice of fear and listen to the voice that tells us were not OK and listen to the voice that says we can't do this. So how can we begin to follow the other voice if the ego always speaks first and loudest the best way to do this is to simply take a breath breath invites your spirit in and it stops the ego if just for a moment. After you take that breath put your hands on your heart for that is where the Spirit dwells and then ask your heart to answer before you're mine does and you will see a significant difference in a significant different approach to how you address problems in your life it's not always easy and it's not always fun but begin there's practice today and you will start to see changes in your life it's time to stop listening to the voice in your head that's the loudest and it's time to start listening to the small still voice

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