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Money is Never The issue

One day as I was scrolling through Facebook I ran across a friend of mines post it said if money was not an issue what would you do? So i thought about it for a moment and was just about to post something when all of a sudden i heard this message. Money is never the issue the real issue is your mindset around money. So many of you think it is all about the money it is the reason you are unhappy because you don't have enough of it however that is no the case. The real issue is how you think about money what are your concepts on how you receive it and yes how you receive it we did not us the word get why you ask? The reason we have used the word receive is because money is an energy and you receive energy you do not get it. So you must change your mind-set about money and how you receive it not get it. Also you must see your relationship with money do you have a love hate relationship with it or a loving relationship with it . When you think about money what are some of the concepts or constructs that come to mind what ideas do you have about money if they are all negative then you must begin to change them. I asked how money has always been a hot button for me. Good that it is a hot button for you that means that you have resistance to it and if you have Resistance that means you also have flow. OK I said i can see that but how. They brought a tool i had learned a long time ago they said to me. Whenever you start think negatively about money stop whatever you are doing take a deep breath and say out loud that not me anymore I have all the money i need plus X amount extra. I thought oh i forgot about that tool and then they brought up another old out good one cancel ,Clear, Delete. Which means when you start thinking thous negative thought you once again stop and say the words Cancel, Clear, Delete and then replace it with a more positive thought. They then said see so many tools to change your mind you just have to use them so once agian we repeat money is never the issue the mindset is. So then they asked me so what if you had the right mindset about money what would you do? I replied i would not worry about money because my mindset would not support any lack!!!!!!!!

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