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Chakra Block

I have a lot of people asking me how do I know if my chakras are blocked how do I know if they are flowing correctly well I have compiled a little list that will help you to find out if your chakras are blocked, I broken them down to the physical symptoms as well as the emotional symptoms I will do three for each of the chakras. All this information I'm providing is in my book the intuitive's tool belt. Which you can purchase at this link for 3.99 ebook


  1. Your body is constipated

  2. Your body is fatigued

  3. If you feel spacey or ungrounded


  1. Painful period or lack of sex drive

  2. Low Testosterone

  3. Creative block

Solar Plexus

  1. Poor digestion

  2. Low blood sugar

  3. No or little self-esteem


  1. Heart attack

  2. High cholesteryl

  3. Entering bouts of depression


  1. Have bouts of laryngitis

  2. Strep throat

  3. Feel uncomfortable speaking your truth

Third eye

  1. Sinus pressure

  2. Lack of vision

  3. Lack of imagination


  1. Headaches

  2. Lack of direction

  3. Inability to connect with people

By no stretch is this an exhaustive list how do you know if your chakras are blocked this is merely a list that I have compiled there are many ways that you can unblock your chakras one of the best ways that I have found to begin to bring them into alignment other than the scary M word used to seeing the musical scale you can also ask certain archangels to assist you with unblocking that certain energy center within yourself in my book I also talked about the ways to unblock your chakras.

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