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Channeled message

What we wish for you understand is that peace does not exist within time however peace existing within eternity that means that we exist within eternity eternity is not a measure of time for if we were to say that it was we would be entering into that which is the matrix of time eternity is outside of that matrix of time eternity it's not even a measurement eternity is all that is what humanity does with that is breaks it up into bite-size pieces that they referred to as time past, present, future. However once humanity realizes that eternity is now they will be at peace so it is. We wish for you to consider this. If you exist with in the endless space of all that is how could you be anything less then all that is that includes that which is your brother your sister your other human counterparts you all exist with in this which is all that is which we refer to as eternity and it in as existing here that means that you are a part of us what we wish to convey at this point is that peace does not only connect you to that which is all that is it connects you to all that is. Meaning  space, matter, other races, other entities, God, source. 

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