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This is something all of search endlessly but never seems to find we search for peace in people in places and thing. However peace does not lie their it lies in you, however so many of us would doubt this because we have yet to feel it embraces. I can tell you I have started my journey to peace and it has not been easy not because peace is hard to find because it is not. The reason is because the ego would stop you at every turn tantalizing you with drama saying or look at this it is a problem you can not be at peace if you have a problem. At this I am getting to learn to say hahahahahahahahah omg hahahahahahahahahaha because look at that silly way of thinking I can't have peace if I have drama or problems or Because I don't have money or a relationship now to some this will seem true and to other this will be a confirmation of what you have already thought. For thous who say well that right you can't have peace if you have drama and what I say to you is who is creating that drama whom have you allowed to take your peace and the answer is YOU and I myself have done it to. However now I see that it was only me giving my peace away we are the o my ones who can give peace and who can experience it it is your choice at how you react or respond to any given situation really and truly this is what it all comes down to. Let use this as an example:

A good friend of yours has had a bad day you have had a great day this friend invite you over to their house to just talk. You go over to their house and are you sitting on their couch you begin to talk and then with a simple flip of your wrist you brake the glass you wee drinking out of your friend is enraged by this and yells at you. You have a choice to answer your friend back with the same energy of rage she or he has projected on you or to take a deep breath and respond in a different way and in responding in a different way you then proceeded your peace your mood instead of giving into the drama that would come about it you did choose to come at your friend with the same rage

So if peace of mind is your priority then this is a choice for you to make. By no stretch of the imagination is it an easy choice when easy thing to do but it becomes easier as it becomes more of a habit and that is what you are forming a habit of you being at peace no matter what comes out you be at an angry friend A disgruntled employee a sad puppy dog you will be able to have the choice to respond or react to your given circumstances. So in closing you are the only one who can in essence keep your own peace of mind no one can give it to you and no one can really take it away the only one that can see you so make the choice today to stop reacting to situations and start responding to them and they send you all of my love and blessings to each and everyone of you that reads this.

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