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Channeled Message

I receive lots of channeled messages throughout my day some are in regards to clients other are things I have wondered. I want to share with you a channeled message I got from a dream. A being had come to me before I went to sleep and said hello I wish to speak with you on the "ISNESS" of being I said can we talk about it in my sleep and I heard no response, so I thought that the conversation was over. However right before waking up, I got this messages. Hello, I am here to speak with you about the ISNESS of b the one you know as Shakespeare said to be or not to be." In truth, that is the question. Have you ever just for a moment just been. Most in your third-dimensional density do, do you look for something or someone to make you happy but in truth nothing and no one can make you happy or sad or angry it is your response to the vocal frequency that causes a reaction in you. Have you ever just for a moment said I would be happy and said this is how I will BE without looking for something or someone to make you happy just made the conscious decision to BE happy. This is truth is being looked at a state of mind and saying and implementing it without external forces acting on you

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