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Pushing Beyond the Discomfort

Breaking outside your comfort zone sometimes that’s the hardest thing to do. For me right now I am on the brink of breaking through you one of my comfort zones. I just recently published a book called the intuitive toolbelt. I’m so excited that it came out, and it looks perfect, and I finally put pen to paper that was one of my comfort zone breakthroughs was to do that I was always told that I was a terrible writer that I had no punctuation I had no grammar. And all that is true I have no punctuation or grammar I write just like I think which is in a constant stream. However when Spirit guided me to write the book I just did, and then I found a publisher who was willing to work with me on price because the package that I wanted since I was doing self-publishing was $1200 which was way outside of my budget. However since synchronicity and spirit were on my side, I was told that I would only have to pay three payment of $166 which was perfect then I needed to find illustrators. That was not a problem they came right to they and me were right in front of my face the whole time it was my coworkers I work in daycare I have tons of artistic talent around me all the time, and they did it for free. Then my dear friend Dawn had lost her job, so she was able to edit my book for free. Then the biggest surprise came in the way of promotion how was I going to get my book out there? how was I going to do any of this? Well, it just so happens that I was able to jump onto Sonia’s Choquette radio show and that she is now going to be featuring my book in her newsletter then I was approached by someone on the periscope community to do a free interview, and I get paid for how amazing? How does it get any better than this? When you’re guided by Spirit, anything is possible. Now I embark on yet another journey to get through a comfort zone to reach a new and exciting place I’ve never been; I’ve never been one to sell myself to anyone people tell me all the time that I’m great at it but I’m a great salesperson but I never really believe. My very dear friend Ann E. Nelson always used to tell me “Ron you could sell ice to an Eskimo even if Yorty had five blocks in front of.” Ann said I was very persuasive but to me I never really believed it, and I still don’t buy it. Today I embark on reaching and getting through this comfort zone of selling myself I am on my way to go to the New Age people which are a holistic store in my area I’m going to see if they would like to stock my book. I am on the brink of rejection and disappointment and also the failure because what happens if they say no? What happens if they tell me they’re not interested? What happens if I go there, and I am rejected? All these thoughts run through my head, but a tool I would like to give all of you that I’m currently using is I have a notebook. I label this notebook my emotional fear notebook, and I write down all the things that I’m afraid of and it so that way this year and the emotion are expelled are put on paper so I can see them instead of just think. Going to the New Age people today terrifies me, talking to the owner terrifies me, being rejected terrifies me, but I have to push on I have to continue. I have to try at least to put myself out there to get my book out there. I can’t do that just sitting at my house going on periscope going on Facebook on Twitter and Instagram platforms are wonderful and yes they give me so many likes and hits and so forth and so on but if I want to sell books then I have to put myself out there. so that’s what I’m going to do today is put myself out there put myself on the line push past my comfort zone and see what happens because that’s all I can do and I can only let Spirit do the rest. When you’re guided when spirit asks you to do something or guide you to do something is the correct term you have a choice because we live in a free will universe or not. It’s up to you it’s your choice but know that the universe, spirit will always give you that opportunity in a different way to help you push past your comfort zone. So I ask you what is spirit guiding you to push past what comfort zone do you need to break through?

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