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Who are you?

Who are you? This is a question we ask ourselves a lot as well as what am I supposed to do? These to questions, in my opinion, that has plagued humankind since the dawn of time. However, the answer has been looking at us in the face the whole time. Who are we-we are God we are the divine spark come forth into human form to do what? You may ask to experience and create at a base level we are here to learn and grow as Gods that we are. It is that simple, and as you go deeper into yourself, you can start to see what aspect of the divine you are or have embodied in the past. For me at this time, I am representing innocent and caring, and compassion and my dear friend Marianne is embodying wisdom and nurturing, and my other dear friend Debbie is embodying focus and tenacity. We all are sparks of the divine, and we are all part of that whole however since we are in a physical form we can not contain the fullness of that energy, so it is dispersed throughout all time and space as well as a dimension for we are multi-dimensional. Each one of thous lives is embodied that quality that you have to discover within yourself in a different way. Please do not think just because I am embodying compassion that that is it is taken nothing could be farther from the truth we are all embodying these qualities just in different ways, so today go deep and find your monad seed and see what it holds within it sending you all my love


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