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To be intuitive is about the journey not all the Bells and whistles

Being a psychic is not about opening your thrid eye or gaining the ability to see auras. Being a psychic is a journey you take to self-discovery where you start to dig deep within yourself to find answers instead of looking outside of yourself. Once you begin to take a deeper look at who you really are that is when your gifts begin to open. So many people just want the fun abilities so many to want the instant gratification of saying that they are psychic. To me what is means to be psychic intuitive is that you are going within and searching for your own answers instead of just going with the flock now by no means am I for one second saying do not look stuff up because I do all the time, however, what I am saying is it is about getting the information for yourself and finding out what it means to you. Some of you, thou may think I am not I can not do what that person does or that one so I must not be psychic because, I do not fit that mold. My dear, you could not be more wrong the great thing about psychic energy is that it can not be put in a box and if you do put it in a box it becomes stagnant. There are so many different psychic gifts for every person on the earth there is a different way to use psychic energy. You are a unique expression of source you may do things in a similar way to someone else but the way you do it is different or express it is different.You are psychic you just have to find your way of tapping into your divine gifts. I hear may people say well I do not know my gifts? The answer is yes you do and how you can find out what it is, is so simple and easy you will be amazed. What is it that you are interested in when working with other people what do you in the way of service. However if you are looking to find out about what Clair skill is the strongest then come check out my youtube video on it here is the link

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