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Why is God always testing me??????

I am currently typing this Blog because I am going through a situation where I believed that God was testing me. This got me thinking if God is so loving and kind why does he give us these tests and spirit answered my question very quickly with this"God does not test you" Well I disagree what I am going through right now feels like a test looks like a test so I am going to say it is a test spirit again responses: God is not testing you what is happening right now is you are currently in the process of changing your beliefs about money, and in changing your beliefs about money your minds old beliefs are being challenged and in that you are experiencing what seems to be a test, but it does not come from the creator it comes from your own mind." Wow, I thought ok so can you tell me more?"Your mind, as you know, is a computer and since you input your beliefs into it and then they create your reality. However, right now your minds old beliefs are changing but the mind has not excepted them yet so you are experiencing your old beliefs of lack it takes time for these new beliefs to take hold, once they take hold your reality will change but it will not be overnight and you must beware not to fall back into the old beliefs. That is your test if that is what you wish to call it." That can be hard not to go back into those old beliefs they are very much deeply engrained in my mind."Yes we understand that but you must also understand the tools that have been given to you to help you combat that such as, That's not me anymore I have all the money I need to pay all the bills buy groceries and have 100 left over or when you start to go into that old thought you can say cancel, clear, delete you have the tools it is just a matter of using them." I see thank you spirit I really appreciate this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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