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Wholeness is nothing but a Thought away

Wholeness is something that we all strive for reach for or try to again in some way. However, we really do not need to this morning i did my final day of the Oprah meditation series and it was wonderful and eye-opening for me. The centering thought for today during the meditation and the rest of the day was my highest for of fulfillment is wholeness, but as I was in meditation this thought came to mind."We as humans separate everything thoughts cloths IQ's everything. We even do it to ourselves we separate the mind, body, heart, and soul" What an interesting thought or wisdom I just got we do separate everything so if we wish to reclaim our wholeness then we have to stop seeing ourselves as separate.Think of it like this the mind dwells within the body as does the heart and soul we are already whole you just have to see it that way no longer see yourself whole and perfect.First thing you can do is to ask your spirit your soul to come dwell inside of you, you may have to clean up your eating habits or how much TV you watch the soul/spirit will let you know what it needs then bring you mind and heart into alignment with each other stop seeing them as mortal enemies because they are not they are a great team the heart receives the higher knowledge and the mind breaks it down so you can understand it and once these two are in alignment your soul/spirit will move into alignment as well and so will everything else it all starts with the inner work. You have to do the work on the inside before it can manifest on the outside, in doing this process of bringing yourself to wholeness you also awaken you intuition and your true self so be gentle with yourself do not try and force these things to happen just let them happen one step at a time.

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