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The True Self

On a journey of self discovery we wear many masks, each one of these masks has a piece of our true self within it no matter how small of a part it is there. On this journey do not judge yourself on how many different masks you may be trying on or how many personalities you try all of them are getting you to the same end you moving towards your true self and once more do not judge yourself on how many masks you may try how can you know what works if you do not find out what does not first. One great way to know that you are tuning in to your true self is you will feel unrestricted you will feel natural with others and yourself you will just flow, another way is you will start to careless what others think about you and more about what you think about you, however what I believe to be one of the biggest signs you are tuning in to the true self is that you stop looking outside of yourself for answers and start looking and trusting your inner wisdom your intuition once this starts you are on the road to finding your true self because your true self is connected to the cosmos to the intuition of the universe. One way to start tuning in to the true self is by listing on a piece of paper all of your good qualities because these are gems of your true self shining through, it also allows you to start to see how wonderful you are. My best qualities are

  1. I am nurturing

  2. I am caring

  3. I am funny

  4. I am sweet

  5. I am optimistic

  6. I am Loving

  7. I am kind

  8. I am patient

  9. I am strong in a loving way

  10. I am intuitive

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