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Obstacles and Belief

Hello, everyone, This blog is going to be about obstacles and Fear How many times have you to me why am I ask why is God doing this to me? Why can I never get ahead? Why are there always obstacles in my way?Why does something always come up? All of these questions I asked myself as well until I started to think if God is only love then why would he put obstacles in my way? If the universe is always conspiring to support me then why do I always fall flat? As I started to think about this more and explore it within myself I came to this realization that it is neither God or the Universe putting these obstacles in my way it was my own boundaries and beliefs that were putting these obstacles in my was. How you may as was my boundaries and beliefs putting obstacles in front of me, it is because your thoughts and beliefs create your reality and the universe is only giving you what you believe to be so. Since that is the case you really have to look at your beliefs about things that you may have trouble with a great example of this happened to me. I was just started periscope and I was so afraid and believed that people/trolls were going to come after me and talk about my high voice and my very flamboyant way of speaking and guess what they did which then made me not want to do it anymore and so I then had problems logging on and then the app would crash on me. It was not until my very dear friends came on as well and I knew I would be protected and at least someone would give me hearts my belief changed and so did my experience on the app and I started to get followers and the app started to work correctly because my belief changed and so did my reality.So if you are experiencing a block/obstacle lets say in your finical department it is time to start looking at your belief about money do you think to believe that there is not enough and that you have to work all the time to make money and you still want to have enough then it is time to break that belief so that you no longer the experience of lack or an obstacle in that part of your life. That is where affirmations and declaration come into play you can use them to help change your thoughts and beliefs on different aspects of your life and in doing that then your reality will change because your thoughts and beliefs change so does your reality, change you mind change your life. Also when looking at beliefs make sure they are yours and not ones your parents or guardians have pushed on to you and the only way to do that is to take a deep look at all the different things you do believe and the best way to do that is with meditation in my opinion.

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