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Awakening Mircales

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The fear of the unknown is a common fear for all of us, one way that we can begin to overcome that fear is to get curious.

Instead of catastrophize, Ing or saying, what if I fall what if it’s worse what if we started to play? What if with some more cautious optimism it might look like this what if I start taking this a little bit more seriously and I find myself enjoying it.

Start playing with curiosity not so much of I wonder how but simply wondering.

Christine Halliwell

And when things are not going the way that the ego plans for them to go, this is an opportunity for us to shift in to discernment, instead of judgment.

Judgment will tell us that it’s bad or wrong it’s terrible it’s awful while the sermon on the other hand may recognize the situation is not going as planned and then can say what’s not working here? What needs to shift?

Be willing to see a mistake, not as a failure, but instead of as an opportunity to pivot to something new, or to see what isn’t working, it’s not bad it’s simply an opportunity to grow, learn, expand your knowledge base.

I know for myself, I didn’t allow myself to be the divine paintbrush, because I thought that it had to be perfect in order for it to be put into the world.

The divine already knows the perfect expression it would like to express through you. This doesn’t mean that you don’t practice or cultivate your expression. It just means that you have to start putting it out there.

It’s up to the divine to choose the inspiration. Your job is merely to allow yourself to be used to Express that inspiration into the world. Let it bring the light it was meant to don’t worry about the form, instead, be aware of the energy that you are putting into it the content of the expression.

Christine Halliwell

This weeks energy 12/4/2022

This weeks energy is all about aligning yourself with the truth of who you are and in so doing you line up with the divine plan, and then receive clarity and inspiration on the action steps that can be taken

We do need to be very aware of the tendency we have to over, analyze the inspiration that we may receive for that is a tendency that we have two over analyze the inspiration, and then we get overwhelmed.

Christine Halliwell

The instant we acknowledge that we are entering or entertaining fear is the moment we can stop and forgive. What are we forgiving? We are forgiving ourselves for entertaining/ placing our awareness on the fear. We forgive the fearful thought and or idea and we choose to place our focus and attention back on love.

We can do this anytime anywhere we must simply Be Aware of when we are starting to entertain fearful thoughts and we know we are by the way we feel. Tune in today how are you feeling? Up tight and panicky or flowing and at ease.

Aidan O'Brian
Christine Halliwell

This is an ability we all have to choose again to choose to see a person, place, idea differently. It is only a matter of shifting our awareness from the past or future to the present.

This is the essence of choosing again having the willingness to release your own thoughts and beliefs about a person,place, thing or thought that is based elsewhere in time to come back to the now.

Christine Halliwell

When we begin to start setting positive intentions, we want to find the space in our consciousness to focus on what we do want not what we don’t. We already see plenty of examples of what we don’t want.

We want to tune in to what we do want.

It may seem hard, but it’s not hard it’s just different, so how can we begin to soften our thoughts and words. Don’t try to go from not seeing the positive to seeing the positive instead choose words or thoughts that feel a little bit better

For example, instead of, I can’t figure this out it’s impossible. How about even though I’m not sure of the answer right now I am willing to know there is a solution, and I don’t have to know what that solution is or where that solution will come from, but I am open to it,…

This week we are working with the energy of positive intention, synchronicity and choosing our focus. Positive intention is when we choose to focus our consciousness on what is working not what is not it does not mean that we do not see the things that aren’t working It doesn’t mean that we ignore them. It does mean however, that we are choosing to focus on solutions not the problem. A beautiful quote from Mary Baker. Eddy says and I am paraphrasing. I don’t tell God about my big problems. I tell my problems about my big God.

This then moves in to synchronicity, for we are not lining up with the divine well, which is for us to be happy and free. Synchronicity is simply a link from the universe saying you’re on the right track you’re going in the right direction, and that can come in a variety…

One of the greatest burdens that we carry with us is our own judgments about ourselves-situations or others. When we choose to hold onto our judgments, we’re choosing to believe the story our ego is telling us.

When we choose to let go of our judgments and allow spirit to inform us that is when life stops being the choice between right and wrong, and begins to be about the discerning of what serves and what does not. This is the key difference discernment simply says this is not for me and we let it go with love .

Judgment says this is bad or wrong, or this or that, and there is a whole story involved with it if we can, instead choose discernment instead of judgment, notice how light your burden will be, for you are not leading down with stories of the past or the future, but…

Today we are given an invitation to a look at what we are continuing to hold onto that is stopping us from moving forward, living in our past pain and causing us more suffering and misery.

Often times we hold onto relationships people situation is that no longer serve us because we have become so defined by these people relationships and circumstances that we don’t know who we are without them and so we fear what may become of us if we let them go.

When it comes to letting go, you don’t have to fully let go all at once you can if you wish or if the fear is so great, you can take bite-size steps towards letting go. When it comes to these bite-size steps, don’t stop at one take one and then another and another.

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