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Awakening Mircales

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This week we are working with the energy of positive intention, synchronicity and choosing our focus. Positive intention is when we choose to focus our consciousness on what is working not what is not it does not mean that we do not see the things that aren’t working It doesn’t mean that we ignore them. It does mean however, that we are choosing to focus on solutions not the problem. A beautiful quote from Mary Baker. Eddy says and I am paraphrasing. I don’t tell God about my big problems. I tell my problems about my big God.

This then moves in to synchronicity, for we are not lining up with the divine well, which is for us to be happy and free. Synchronicity is simply a link from the universe saying you’re on the right track you’re going in the right direction, and that can come in a variety of different forms.

As we do go through this week, we will be faced with opportunities to choose what we are going to place our conscious focus and awareness on problems, fear, or solutions, love we have an opportunity to be conscious in this decision, or to remain unconscious, and simply go to our default, which a good majority of the time is to decide against ourselves and our own happiness.

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