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Ronald Schaefer
November 14, 2022 · changed the group description.

Welcome to the group! You can connect with other members, get updates and help to support one another as we all continue to grow and learn. This space is to be used for sharing information and helping each other. This group thread can also be used for mentoring students to practice their reading skills. If you are not an active or previous mentor student, please do not offer readings to others, unless you have already asked permission from me.

  • Michele Ann
    Ronald Schaefer

    Weekend contemplation and energy report for September 29th 2023

    This weekend we are asked to realign our internal compasses back to our divine source. Sometimes in life we let a certain area of life or situation become our singular focus. Sometimes we are trying to fix it sometimes we are trying to make sure it does not break and sometimes it is just something always in the back of our minds. In each instance we are are trying to do it all from the ego (How is that working out for you?) are you happier or just running the same old game maybe just in a different way.

    As we come to this realization that we need to let it go and let our higher power take care of it for us, there maybe this sense of loss or even failure it is ok to feel it and express it…

  • Messages for Mid Week- 9/26 & 9/27/23- The messages from Spirit are guiding us to take step back, pause and reflect on issues resurfacing in regards to relationships of all types, especially ones where there is drama and conflict, is it coming from within yourself being projected outward or is it coming from others. Don’t give into drama and unnecessary conflict with others. Choose your battles wisely, is it worth it? Remain authentic, stand your ground and speak your truth from love, maintain your inner peace. If you have been resisting change due to fear of the unknown; you may find that old emotional negative patterns from the past are resurfacing causing inner conflict and which are actually a reflection of you fighting yourself due to fear of change.

    ❤️ #13-Displacement- Be mindful and aware of where you are projecting any stress or frustration, find a healthy way to release…

  • SR

    We could use this template to help us to check in with our spirit more activity and all we have to do is change the I. so it might look like this

    1. How does my spirit feel about this?

    2. What is not in alignment with my spirit in this situation?

  • Christine Halliwell

    When we hear people say tune in or check in with ourselves that may cause some confusion, the confusion comes from which I are we tuning into? We want to check in with our spirit our true self so that we can be certain we are aligning with what feels good authentically and not just because it looks pretty or better or more special.

    When we choose to tune in and check in more often we start to see a shift in what we are drawn to because we are becoming more custom to our spirit paying attention to that instead of the ego which we have been listening to for years.

    Today be willing just to sit and be willing to get to know your spirit start small and ask your spirit about things that are not very important to you at first to begin to build that repor.

  • SR


    Welcome to the group! You can connect with other members, ge...

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