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Awakening Mircales

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When we begin to start setting positive intentions, we want to find the space in our consciousness to focus on what we do want not what we don’t. We already see plenty of examples of what we don’t want.

We want to tune in to what we do want.

It may seem hard, but it’s not hard it’s just different, so how can we begin to soften our thoughts and words. Don’t try to go from not seeing the positive to seeing the positive instead choose words or thoughts that feel a little bit better

For example, instead of, I can’t figure this out it’s impossible. How about even though I’m not sure of the answer right now I am willing to know there is a solution, and I don’t have to know what that solution is or where that solution will come from, but I am open to it, and in my openness, I’ve given an open invitation to the universe to begin to help me.

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