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I would like to share with you an excerpt from my book The Practical Mystic about guidance.

I would like to tell you is guidance is not like TV makes it out to be where your guides show up in physical form or you hear a booming voice. Can that happen of course, however, in the beginning, your guidance is going to be small little symbols your inner voice is going to be quiet because you have to develop trust? So if you don't see your guides or angels or you don't know their names it does not mean a thing don't let that stop you from seeking guidance.I am going to tell you a secret are you ready? Make sure no one is around, ok is the coast clear good. I have no idea about the name of my guides. So we must ask for guidance even if we are not sure if anyone is listening because God/spirit is always and is just waiting for you to ask. Last let us look at how we can begin to discern guidance, for me guidance is loving, kind, direct, empowering, and helpful. Guidance is not about control it is like a helpful suggestion from the divine it may be persistent but never mean or cruel or a directive to hurt or harm or see yourself as better than or more than if you start seeing that you can be sure that is not divine guidance but ego guidance and just like divine guidance it is a suggestion. However, when it comes to ego guidance it offers it with fear and panic, for example, if you need to call someone by 5 o’clock on a Friday the ego is going to have you worrying all day about it and making you panic and look at the clock all day telling you over and over again you can not miss this if you do terrible things might happen and that you need to be on the phone at by 4 because you have terrible luck and know that if you don't you will not have another opportunity. That sounds super stressful right, spirit on the other hand if you give it over will guide you to the right time to call with a simple hey give them a call now nothing else simple easy, and effortless. The discernment between guidance from the divine and guidance from your ego is easy to spot once you start looking for it.

Divine Guidance-Loving, Kind, Empowering, Helpful, Direct, Simple

Ego Guidance: Unloving, unkind, disempowering, does not give you a solution, complicated, make you or someone special or better than other

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