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Awakening Mircales

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This week we are working with the energies of fun, service to others, and gratitude.

This week's spirit is inviting us to put others first to find ways to be of service to others It could be taking time out of your day to chat with someone or help someone put up a TV stand whatever it is that calls you to be willing and open.

As we step into this more service to other orientations spirit reminds us to have fun with it not to see it as an obligation but instead as a fun way to be a conduit for the divine. Spirit also wants us to have fun to infuse that attitude of fun into what we are doing no matter what it might be.

Lastly, Spirit is reminding us to be in that attitude of gratitude and this is not just playing lip service but really allowing yourself to feel gratitude for what we have what we are able to do and what others may have done or are doing for us.

Added intuitive note: This is the last week of May and we are about to move into June spirit is inviting us to change the scenery which means we are asked to move some energy maybe change your room around start planning a trip if you are feeling like life is stuck on repeat you have to do something different that could even be a mindset shift

Christine Halliwell
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