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Awakening Mircales

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Weekend contemplation and energy report for June 23, 2023

This weekend our crowning site is the mountain. The mountain gives us an invitation to either take the easy way and flow around the mountain or to climb the mountain if we choose to climb the mountain we must beware of our surroundings.

This weekend we are asked to keep our child like wonder active. This does not be to be childish but instead like a child open to the possibility for our good for we are in a process of completion, so we must be willing to let go of what has already served so that new possibilities and avenues can open.

We also have the rebel energy this weekend, helping us to break through the chains and barriers that we have when it comes to letting go or fulfilling a task, whatever it may be sometimes we get stuck in the story of her the task and forget who we are.

The rebel card is asking us to ignite our flame break the chains, so that we may fully move forward easily and effortlessly.

Our grounding thought is ory desert witch is asking us to be adaptable being adaptable, simply means, have a willingness to see things differently, and to be able to change your mind. We are asked to go deep within ourselves now. Find your truth there. Let’s spirit sustain you while you locate the real source. h

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