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Awakening Mircales

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Messages for Saturday, January 21, 2023- ️New Moon in Aquarius- this energy will encourage us to tap into our creative abilities, expand our minds to think outside the box for inspirations, solutions and new ideas, collaborative efforts are favored.  It encourages innovation and creativity as we are giving birth to new love in all forms.

❤️#0 -The Fool- This is a time of new beginnings, leaving the old behind and move forward with renewed faith, trust and confidence in yourself.  You may have periods of doubt and confusion along the way; but tap into your inner wisdom, listen to your heart and trust your intuition.  Spirit is guiding and protecting you along the way.  Don't limit yourself to the possibilities that can present themselves.  Your faith and trust will help keep your momentum.  Keep your thoughts positive and your vibration high; and take action steps when guided.

❤️#1 The Magician- This card is a reminder that you do possess the skills and abilities to co-create with Spirit the life you desire.  This includes creativity, psychic and intuitive capabilities, knowledge, wisdom, love, motivation, courage, your passions and gifts from Spirit, etc..... they are all a part of you.  Knowledge is power, and the knowledge you have gained from life experiences add to your inner wisdom which helps you to become more "aware" as you move forward.  This new awareness will serve you in distinguishing what resonates with you to manifest your hopes, dreams and wishes.  When you tap into your skills, gifts and talents, you will find new and creative ways to express your authentic self as you create and manifest your true heart desires.  This is a good time to do visualization and affirmations to help you stay away from negativity.  Belief in yourself combined with faith and trust are key factors in the manifestation process.  Nurture your ideas and creative projects with love and follow through with action steps, commitment, determination and persistence.  Your hard work will pay off in ways that your mind can not conceive; know it will always be for your highest good and for everyone involved.  Love & Blessings, Christine 🕊😊🙏🏻❤️💚🌹🌈☮🌠🦋

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