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Messages for Wednesday, August 16, 2023- “Time to Shine” Today we have a New Moon in Leo which focuses on creating and expressing ourselves from the heart, embrace the fiery creative energy of this new moon.  Leo is the astrological sign of courage, leadership, creativity and entertainment.  Set new intentions; embrace your passions and things that resonate with your authenticity; move forward with renewed faith, trust and confidence in yourself, it’s time to take the lead and do what your heart and soul desire.  If you’re not sure which direction to take, go within and listen to your heart, allow Spirit and your angelic team to work through you as you co-create the life your heart desires.  Let your heart lead the way in all areas of your life, set healthy boundaries and do not compromise your integrity!

❤️8 of pentacles- It’s time to focus on you and what you truly want to or pursue in your life.  Do not put your energies into fear and negativity, don’t over commit, channel any frustrations into breaking through fears, worries and anxieties, put your energy into being of service, creative projects and making healthy positive changes.  Take one step at a time, remain grounded and centered.

❤️The King of Wands reminds us to embrace our passions and desires coming from the heart, take charge and be the leader of your own life, lead by example that is based in truth, love and peace.  Be proud of who you are and don’t dim your light to fit in with others who don’t have your best intentions at heart!  Stay authentic, shine and share your gifts with the world!  Love & Blessings, Christine 🕊😊🙏🏻❤️💚🌹🌈☮️

Shirley Ryan
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