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Awakening Mircales

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As we approach the new year, we often times set resolutions, or intentions, stating that we want a new year and a new us. However, when we do this, what were really saying is that we do not like the version of ourselves that we have created so we are going to make a new one that is more conducive to who we think we should be.

Why not this year instead of making a resolution to be a new you why not make the resolution to be the authentic you the true you and allow that to be the guiding force for 2023 being authentic being vulnerable being kind and loving, joyful and exuberant.

Those qualities are who you truly are. Everything else is merely a mask that you have put over those divine qualities they pick out every so often, but let’s stop letting them peek out and let’s start embodying them, and allowing them to be the outward expression of ourselves.

Shirley Ryan
Christine Halliwell
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