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Awakening Mircales

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The ego is always in fear, so it becomes a habit to be afraid in life even when you’re not. As you face present conditions, ask yourself, am I really scared? If so, then of what? Listen to your spirit for the answer. Don’t be surprised to discover that you’re not really afraid at all – you’re just in the habit of believing that you should be. Your spirit is more than up to the opportunities at this moment! It wants to take over and lead your way. In fact, when you get beyond the habit of fear, you’ll discover that you can hardly wait to allow spirit to guide you on your present exciting adventure. Trust it, and smile at your fears – they are not really the huge monsters lurking in the corner, ready to pounce that you suspect that they are. Rather, they are simply shadows on the wall of your imagination, born of the dimness of light, as your ego tries to hide from your spirit. Get past the habit of fear, and diving to a new adventure with confidence. Stop fearing, and start enjoying the fact that you are not really afraid at all.

Shirley Ryan
Christine Halliwell
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