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Awakening Mircales

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We cannot, except what is when we are doing things out of routine and mindlessly doing them. We cannot accept what is because we are in a world of our own making still dreaming.

If we want to begin to wake up from those dreams so that we may be more conscious so that we can truly accept what is, we must start small which means that you take one of your life one thing that you do on a consistent basis and you start to become all aware of what you are doing

That could be doing the dishes doing laundry, walking the dog, watering the lawn, mowing the lawn, or even typing on your computer. The practice can be as simple as asking yourself what you are doing or becoming aware of the temperature of the water how your hands are placed where your focus is while you’re doing the activity is it present in the moment or is it in the future or is it in the past

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