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Messages for Sunday, March 5, 2023- “Be in the Present and Dream of the Future.”  The messages from Spirit remind us to address any triggers of old emotional negative patterns that my surface.  Every experience has helped to shape the person are you today; if you do not like something about yourself or a situation, use your personal power to make a healthy positive change.  Acknowledge your feelings of those situations and relationships that didn’t turn out as expected.  Sometimes fears from those experiences create illusions and energy blocks hindering you from moving forward on your life path.  Take time to go within and do inner work (including forgiveness of yourself and others so you can regain inner peace). Allow yourself to grieve, heal, and let go of guilt, anger, unforgiveness, resentment, bitterness and shame so you can set your mind and heart free from past hurts.

❤️Your patience, planning, persistence and determination will pay off; your thoughts are very powerful, be mindful of where you put your time, energy and focus.  Don’t let fears and negativity sabotage your dreams and plans.  Be the change you wish to see in the world and remember you are always being divinely guided and supported.  Ask and be open to receiving love and help in all forms.  Love & Blessings, Christine 🕊😊🙏🏻❤️💚🌹🌈☮️🌠🦋

Ronald Schaefer
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