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Awakening Mircales

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The spirit does not wait on time but on welcome it wants nothing more than to help you to r who you are and bring you to experiences that will bring you lasting happiness, however, we choose to not listen to the still voice of spirit not because we cant or are bad at it but because we are so used to the ego speaking loudest and first.

Listening and receiving guidance from spirit is not something only a lucky few can do everyone can do it, what it takes is your willingness to let the ego be silent just for a mn and just listen.

We are not listening for the answer we are not listening for guidance we are simply listening to the quiet and as we do the guidance or direction will come. When we try and force to to happen that is when we are listening to the ego. You can start this practice this moment.

Step 1: ( This is not crazy wisdom or to make you look like a fool) IF you have space either raise your arms over your head or stretch our your legs or do both if you can and wiggle them vigorously for 30 seconds

Step 2: stop and be silent now for 30 sec pay attention to your body if that helps.

Step 3: do this process 3 times

You can adapt this to your liking and physical ability this is designed to help the monkey mind be silent sounds crazy but it does work at least it has for me. You can then start scaling it with 30 seconds of movement then 1min or silence and then 30 seconds of movement and 2 min of silence to make it work for you.

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