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Awakening Mircales

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This week our crowning thought is morality with this crowning thought spirit is asking us one question with this energy do we want to be right or happy? Right and Wrong and that is the realm of judgment which is the realm of ego, This does not mean to be lawless and hurt others it does mean that we release ourselves and others from the judgments we lay on them or ourselves. We can choose to continue to see ourselves and others as well as situations through the eyes of judgment and get to be right which means if I see my situation as hopeless then it is hopeless or we can question our judgment and be willing to surrender it them to spirit with the affirmation or mantra: Spirit please don't let me use this for my distraction but instead for the coming of my peace.

We might feel very apt to feel guilt for having these judgments and then build this prison for ourselves or maybe for others because you know if they would have just acted right ( the way I thought they should) then this situation would have never happened. We can go there but How is that been working out for you lately? Are you happy, are you present or are you focused on the past or focused on the future making sure no one will do what they did to you in the past?

Again the question for this week is: DO I WANT TO BE RIGHT OR DO I WANT TO BE HAPPY? No you can not be both you must make the choice to be right about your judgments or Happy with letting them go the choice as always is yours!

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