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Awakening Mircales

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Our energetic theme for this week is all about rising and shining. Spirits asking us to begin our day with having a connection to spirit and letting it be our guide in our mind. Rising above the dreary outlook of our ego and letting our inner light shine through.

As we allow ourselves to take spirits, perception a guidance we start seeing things through the eyes of spirit, we release the mental fog of the past and the future, and we become fully present in the moment This also means that we have to be wide open to seeing things in a different way Seeing people places without the fog of the past or a projections of the future.

The ego may try to to tell us this week as we begin to rise, and shine more with our spirit, and let go of the past and future, that means that we might have to let go of certain relationships or long cherish dreams. But this ending isn’t about something dying. It’s about a rebirth a regrowth. A better dream, a more powerful, stable relationship, we have to accept that sometimes things must change I did not change comes rebirth, regrowth, regeneration

Christine Halliwell
Shirley Ryan
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