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Weekend contemplation for October 27, 2023

Our crowning thought for this weekend is to be compassionate with ourselves, as well as others to be a living example of the golden rule to treat others how you would like to be treated.

This weekend also asks us to be open to seeking for advice, seeking for help from trusted, friends, coworkers or acquaintances. However, the greatest advice that we will find, comes from our source, connecting with our source this weekend and asking for help not help in resolving a particular situation, help in aligning ourselves with the solution.

This means that we will have to have an open heart and mind in order to truly hear what is being said . This weekend also asks us to let go of the belief that our joy our happiness is outcome based that our joy and happiness comes from the material. Our joy and happiness comes from our own shift and alignment with source, and that shift an alignment is an inward job, which brings us to our grounding thought.

Our grounding thought for this weekend is the storm fields right now there’s some uncomfortable chaos that surrounding us because of the full moon lunar eclipse things that we’ve left unattended may be the cause of the conflict pent-up energy needs released just as a storm in nature must break for these events occur When the electricity between opposing forces starts things up and there’s temporary disorder. We must remember that the storm in and of itself is not destructive. Rather, it serves to bring forth and awareness of what needs to be let go of or what needs to be addressed? Look closely at your life this weekend where or whom, are you finding struggles with? Why are you struggling? Where does that struggle truly come from? Is it a present moment event or is it a future moment or a past be aware of where you are seeing the situation from and be willing to release your expectation on what you think it is, and how you think it should be resolved and truly step in and listen and let the divine lead the way.

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