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Awakening Mircales

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Good morning everyone and welcome to our weekend contemplation for January 5, 2023

For this this weekend, we have a crowning thought of the queen of light reversed, who is acting like the full moon that we have today, she is asking us to shine our light the light of awareness on what no longer serves us to shine that light on our fears for when we shine the light on our fears, they are dispelled for light does not fight darkness. It merely dispels it.

This allows us to become very honest with ourselves, about what we are fearful of, and what we are hiding from ourselves journaling, writing it down, can be a very powerful way of expressing these truths from once they are written down. You are naming them, and claiming them, and then you can start to deal with them

Once we are willing to shine the light, and be honest with ourselves, about what no longer serves, or how fear has been running our lives, and how we’re done with it, we have a beautiful opportunity to start again to choose again to choose a new way of being it doesn’t mean you have to get it right it doesn’t mean that you have to know how all that is asked is to have a willingness.

As we start, a new begin to change the scenery, that can be physically or mentally this change of scenery begins to match the new beginning, or the new choice that we are making that is bathed in the light of our awareness

Christine Halliwell
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