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Awakening Mircales

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This week we are working with the energy of begin to discern the intentions we want to set for the new year as we do this work we are asked to look at why we are setting the intentions we are, we are asked to look at the desire behind them looking.

As we look deeper at our intentions we want to be sure to acknowledge where they are rising from the ego or our spirit an ego intention is always about the form the spiritual intention is about the only thing that is real which is the content/ the experience.

This discernment will help us in choosing which intention get our full attention. You could try to set an intention from the ego and your spirit however that is like you standing in a room and two people talking to you at once you are bound to focus on one more than the other. At this point we would all focus on our ego because that is the voice we are most use to.

Christine Halliwell
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