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Weekend contemplation, and energy report for July 7, 2023

Weekend contemplation, and energy report for July 7, 2023

Our crowning thought for this weekend is the fool, asking us to step into trust of our intuition, and to trust the unfolding of life that everything is always working out for our highest and best good to forget everything we think we think, and think we know and step fully in to the flow of life

As we step into this new, beginning into the unknown, we are not met with darkness, but instead with the light, illuminating for us, the pathway forward, here is where we will learn about our true self the treasure we will find, will be filled with wealth of love and kindness, true prosperity. The only thing that is asked of us is to take a bold step forward no matter how big or small it’s about taking the path less traveled.

Our grounding thought for this weekend is the post pone card this grounding thought is asking us to really look at. Where are we stopping ourselves from moving forward why are we afraid of starting something new, and to ask ourselves if we’re truly happy, just sitting still this card, reminds us that we are an aspect of life and life is always in a constant state of unfolding into new and beautiful shapes, colors and experiences we being a part of life must also continue to unfold.

Christine Halliwell
Shirley Ryan
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